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Kaiser Art.-Nr. (siehe Farbe)
Farbe: Black, Red, Khaki, Orange, Grey, Green, Blue-gray
Abmessungen: L820-1390 x B24mm
Gewicht: 60.2g
Material: Nylon, Leder, Polyester
Herstellungsland: Made in Japan
Kameragurt mit Easy Slider-Längenverstellung. Diese erfolgt blitzschnell mit nur einem Finger durch einfaches Verschieben eines D-Rings. Selbsttätige Fixierung der Längeneinstellung beim Loslassen des D-Rings. Besonders vorteilhaft bei diagonaler Trageweise.
Gurtenden und Schutzlaschen aus Leder. Ringbefestigung.



This is a completely new type of camera strap that you can adjust and fix to the exact length you
want with one finger. It is named
“Easy Slider” (registered as a
utility model).

Put your finger through the D shaped hook, and simply pull up
to shorten the strap and pull
down to extend the strap. It is a
superior camera strap that if you release your finger from the hook, the strap will stay fixed at the adjusted length.


The ring type is newly introduced this time in addition to the tape
type which is already very
popular since its introduction.


new color : Orange, Grey, Green


Because you can extend your
strap in one action for photo shooting, you will never lose your shutter chance.

Extend the strap instantaneously, take photos, shorten the strap instantaneously, and move to another photo spot.  Length:
143cm (max) - 85cm (min)

Because the strap is designed to be a loop type, you need not worry about the excessive strap
bothering you.

When the strap is adjusted to the exact length, the camera will
nicely fit your body.

Move the camera to your
backside, and you are ready to move on a bicycle.

  *The model is using ACAM-E25,
  its mechanism is the same with


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